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Taipei’s hottest department store, Breeze Square, is located on this avenue. In addition to the Breeze Square, the famous Pacific SOGO Sogo Department Store is also gathered here. taipei luxury hotel How can I miss Ximending when I come to Taipei? Ximending is located in the northeast of Wanhua District, Taipei City. It is an important consumer business district in Taipei. The most distinctive feature is Taipei’s first and important hiking area. In Taipei under the sun, teenagers with all kinds of hair are everywhere, wearing weird young couples kissing in the streets, and young girls standing on the street in groups of three… taipei luxury hotel This is the famous entertainment street in Taipei, Ximending. The first one was running in the design square of Dongdaemun in Seoul. He was wearing it. The shoes ran, the soles of the feet were sore, and the weather was very hot at the time. The smile said: “The shirt and face are soaked!” The second advertisement was shot from the perspective of his girlfriend. a Taiwanese fun card, a Taoyuan Airport bus ticket, a double-rail travel ticket, etc.; Guobin Hotel, Jinghuajing Hotel, Yuanshan Hotel, taipei luxury hotel Accommodations such as Fuhua Hotel, Yunlang Sightseeing Co., Ltd., and Fullong Hotel; and Lufu Village, Xiaorenguo, Libao Amusement, Jianhushan Theme Park, Yida Amusement World, Jiuzu Cultural Village, Ocean Ocean Park Paradise ticket. I am very grateful to the fans for their support, and I am a bit worried that the weather is too hot.” He was at the scene. taipei luxury hotel Play with the lucky fans and give a hug, and the mood is quite pleasant. After the end of the press conference, Kong Liu returned directly to the hotel and is expected to leave Taiwan tomorrow. Xinyi Planning Area is an emerging business district and is currently the most indicative business district in Taipei. Among them, there are many department stores, restaurants and fashion restaurants in the 4th and 5th sections of Xinyi Road, taipei luxury hotel which is known as the most valuable area in Taipei, including Shin Kong. Mitsukoshi Xinyi Store, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xintiandi, etc. have become fashionable districts. In Ximending, there are small concerts, signing concerts, and first-selling albums on the weekends. Various movie propaganda and street performances are also often seen.  At present, five-star hotels – Miracle Hotel, Dean Department Store and other Taiwanese first-line brands have been confirmed to enter, Come to Ximending and experience the Taiwanese culture of Taipei. Here is the fashion coordinates of Taipei, it is worth your time to go shopping. taipei luxury hotel Not only is it a shopping destination, but many buildings are worthy of appreciation.  The shopping malls and buildings here are designed to be unique and unique, and definitely make your eyes shine. Even if you appreciate the surrounding scenery, you will spend a lot of time.