japan property agency策劃適當的銷售策略

The last introduction can be said to be the biggest opportunity implicated in Japanese real estate investment. Now, the Japanese real estate market is facing a plunge. japan property agency What is more serious is that Japan’s housing loans generally start to increase the amount of return in stages from the fifth year after signing the contract. In the next two years, a considerable number of people will enter the stage of growth in repayment. At a time when the company has laid off employees, bankrupted, Since most of the consumers who purchased real estate during this period were to meet their housing needs, japan property agency the new tax incentives were time-limited legislation, and the effective time limit was only 2 years after the introduction, which triggered the period from 2003 to 2005. A concentrated one-time purchase boom. japan property agency The Japanese industry called it the “sister incident.” The first best time is now. In fact, my personally operated real estate fund has maintained a monthly yield of more than 10% since July this year. The so-called operation is to buy the inventory property from the real estate company that has already gone bankrupt or is about to go bankrupt, and then immediately sell it. In today’s cities in Japan, japan property agency The reason is that a designer with a surname of a child is involved in the falsification of false data, in an attempt to pass the Japanese earthquake-resistant benchmark review. Once the matter was exposed,  However, as the Japanese economy has been in a downturn in recent years, banks have reduced their loans to small businesses in recent years. In the face of the current economic crisis, people who are burdened with housing loans also feel the enormous pressure on the economy. japan property agency The high-quality real estate goods sold between 2003 and 2005 will soon be sold because the repayments are unable to repay the housing loans. It is foreseeable that there will be a large number of high-quality real estate commodities that will be sold at or near half the original price. Why not start from now on, The loss of income due to bankruptcy and layoffs of employed companies has led to an increase in housing loans and even forced to abandon property. For the real estate enterprises that have gone bankrupt this year, japan property agency it is almost because of the vicious circle that caused a large amount of inventory, the capital turnover is not working, and finally collapsed due to the loan interest burden. In the future, in addition to the number of bankrupt enterprises will continue to increase, the vicious circle may also contribute to the impact of the collapse of real estate prices. The second investment opportunity will come in about half a year. The concentrated selling boom triggered by the previously mentioned housing loans will be the entry point for investment.