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Gillian and her husband Lai Hongguo met last year. At that time, Lai Hongguo was exposed to a history of divorce. Therefore, Gillian’s love was not optimistic. eternity ring Some people even think that Gillian is still very stupid and naive. Lai Hongguo personally put on the wedding diamond ring for Gillian, and then the two kissed, and more than 30 invited guests witnessed their beautiful and sweet moment. But after more than a year of exchanges and getting along, eternity ring Gillian and Lai Hongguo seem to be more and more matched. Now, Gillian, who is rumored to be rumored, has finally married herself. Gillian fans must be the most happy. Gillian couldn’t wait to get on the social media to get her big diamond ring from her boyfriend. eternity ring Gillian also said that this is the best gift for her birthday. She recently returned to Hong Kong alone, and her husband Feng Delun also took the opportunity to return to Hong Kong to accompany her through the Mid-Autumn Festival on the afternoon of the 15th. wearing a great hat and a light sports dress. eternity ring He just looked happy when he was newly married. He smiled face to face and asked questions from reporters. , only said: “The statement has been sent, no longer respond. Shu Qi also shared a piece of leisurely afternoon tea on Instagram, and wrote: “Moon cake festival, happy to increase fat!” The post was accompanied by a smile and tears of the map, it seems that the mood is good. We have known each other for 20 years and have been in love for 4 years. I have married her without any reversal. We decided to entangle each other for a lifetime, and everything can be wrong, but don’t miss him & her who loves you. Thank you for the blessings of the media and friends. I am filming the movie in the forest. Thank you all so much!” In the film, Feng Delun is full of directors and the wedding ring is very eye-catching. I did not work with Shu Qi for a honeymoon. eternity ring and she only had her sister and agent. In the past few days, Hong Kong reporters have been waiting at Li Jiaxin’s home. They found that Li Jiaxin’s car was not carrying people but constantly moved to and from Xiaoxiao to transport the articles, Even though good news was repeated during the period, it was always empty.  In the meantime, the two men were still suspected of having a dispute. Li Jiaxin suddenly turned back and fired at Xu Jinheng. The tone was very excited, and the shop assistants were afraid to speak. who has been through a hundred wars, is totally unimportant. Recently, eternity ring the reporter found that when Li Jiaxin and her sister appeared at the airport, the left-hand wedding ring has disappeared, and there is quite a point to demonstrate to Xu Jinheng.