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So, the introduction of real estate tax legislation must be cautious and cautious, and be more secure outside of the positive, can not ‘radish rushed to wash the mud’. japan property agency Liu Junhai said. It needs to be emphasized here: we must remember to advance the word ‘safety’. The purpose of stability is to achieve the fairness and operability of the ‘Real Estate Tax Law’. japan property agency It is in line with the “Property Law”, the Constitution, and the basic management of taxation. The basic provisions of the law are the statutory principles of taxation.” Liu Junhai said that the statistical agencies provide relevant specific information, and the public and the legislature, work together to achieve scientific legislation, The overall idea of ​​real estate tax is ‘legislation first, full authorization, step by step’, japan property agency and there is no bubble in real estate tax, but there is often a bubble in real estate tax.” Huang Xianglong, a researcher at China Research Institute, was interviewed by a reporter. Shi said that in the real estate regulation supply side, the National Bureau of Statistics explicitly mentioned the real estate tax policy. djusting energy conservation and environmental protection standards, simply adopting shutdown, resulting in a large amount of waste of environmental protection investment. It is hoped to enhance the accuracy, forward-looking, japan property agency continuity and stability of macro-control, avoid excessive use of mandatory means, avoid frequent changes to standards, and avoid temporary hugs. Temporary adjustment. Some places reflect that the real estate control policy is changeable. It only relies on administrative means including purchase restriction, limit loan, and limited sales, which lead to various inversions, leaving hidden dangers for real estate in the future. Some enterprises report that some places are frequent. In June this year, the Ministry of Natural Resources released a message saying that the national unified real estate registration information management basic platform has achieved nationwide networking, and China’s real estate registration system has entered a comprehensive operation stage. japan property agency The industry believes that the major technical prerequisite for the levy of real estate tax is the national networking of national real estate information. The authoritative statistical agency can provide the public with basic information about the operation of the national economy. Li Junhai also endorsed the government work report made by Premier Krung during the two sessions this year, “improving the local tax system and steadily advancing real estate tax legislation. democratic legislation, transparent legislation, and open door legislation. Promoting role also has important reference value. The introduction of the real estate tax law is not an administrative measure of the government department, japan property agency but a legislative measure involving the protection of the property rights of the majority of citizens and the issue of the rule of law government. In an interview with the reporter of the Legal Person, Shanghai Yida Law Firm Dong Yizhi said: “I think the preparation of real estate tax is already in place. Now it may involve matters at the legislative level, perhaps during the next two sessions. legal.