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In addition to the study of theoretical physics, Hawking’s comments on artificial intelligence, aliens and other fields have repeatedly attracted people’s attention. In the past few years, Hawking has repeatedly stated that the development of comprehensive artificial intelligence may lead to the destruction of mankind. Hawking’s main research fields are cosmology and black holes, lightest wheelchair ramp which proves the singular theorem and black hole area theorem of general relativity, and proposes the black hole evaporation theory and the borderless Hawking universe model, in the unified two basic theories of physics in the 20th century – The theory of relativity created by Einstein and the quantum power created by Planck took an important step. He is a great scientist and an extraordinary person. His research and heritage will continue to be passed down. lightest wheelchair ramp ” Hawking’s children said in a statement: “He once said: ‘If the universe is not The home of the person you love, there is nothing worth exploring in this universe. ‘We will always miss him. In 1988, he published “A brief history of time: from the big bang to the black hole”, lightest wheelchair ramp which answers the question of whether human beings have been exploring for the beginning of time or space. The book has been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and has a circulation of more than 25 million copies. Hawking said that the development of artificial intelligence may help humans eliminate diseases, eliminate poverty, and prevent climate change, but it may also produce consequences that people do not want to see, including the production of autonomous weapons, economic disasters, and the development of conflicts with humans. lightest wheelchair ramp A machine with your own wishes. The project, called “The Breakthrough Listen,” will be fully funded by Russian Silicon Valley entrepreneur Yuri Miwana. This extraterrestrial smart life search will also be the most authoritative, comprehensive and in-depth scientific search in human history, lightest wheelchair ramp aiming to discover any signs of extraterrestrial life. Hawking believes that human beings should not actively and actively seek out aliens, but should avoid contact with them as much as possible. He said that as long as human beings look at themselves, it is not difficult to imagine that intelligent life may evolve into something we “don’t want to see. his Weibo also said: “In the process of my growth, my parents have always attached great importance to education. I am glad that this road has brought me countless opportunities. Whether you are inspirational to become a doctor, teacher, Scientists, lightest wheelchair ramp musicians, engineers, or writers – please chase your dreams forward. You are the next big thinker and opinion leader; the future will be born for you. pecial statement: The content of the above article only represents the author’s own opinion, and does not represent Sina’s point of view or position. If you have any questions about the content, copyright or other issues of the work, please contact Sina at 30 days after the work is published.