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Another purpose of Rick’s visit to China is to motivate Chinese youth leaders by awarding “creating extraordinary prizes” and inheriting their dream of “accessibility” and “inclusive world”. The winner of this award is either physically or mentally ill, lightest wheelchair ramp to help people with disabilities get rid of the inconvenience of mobility or to fight for the rights of people with mobility impairment. The China Disabled Persons’ Federation and the China Rehabilitation Research Center shared this honor. Therefore, we entrusted lightest wheelchair ramp Taiwan Daxie to integrate the elements of the times on the basis of traditional adult rituals and release notes, and to improve the new adult ceremony or graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony or teacher ceremony. In order to make these new rituals conform to both the Confucianism and the ancient times, the Chinese Department of National Taiwan University has formed a research group composed of ritual authority, professional teachers and young students. It took more than two years to complete, now Some local famous schools have hoped to introduce them. lightest wheelchair ramp also pays great attention to the language expression and personal play of the players. From this aspect, it fits the educational direction of the ancestor Confucius. We will also promote the public welfare through the establishment of the “Litual Music Heritage Base” and lightest wheelchair ramp To become a “Celebrity”, this name cannot be self-styled or speculative, but should be Through your own efforts, you can become a knowledgeable talent with high moral character and knowledge, or a practical person who knows how to be one and the best. For growing children, of course, they cannot be measured by such high standards, but they should be their own life goals. Coincidentally, the judge of the “National Little Celebrity”, Li Bo, also said at the first season program seminar, “If Confucius lives today, he will also come to participate in “National Little Celebrities” because he is doing mass education. The Hansen Foundation and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation have cooperated since the meeting between Rick and Deng Pufang 25 years ago. As part of the memorandum of cooperation, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation will participate in the “Interdependent 2012” Expo held in Vancouver in May to share the international experience of barrier-free access and seek deep cooperation in spinal cord injury treatment research. At the age of fifteen, lightest wheelchair ramp Rick won 19 international wheelchair marathon medals from 1979 to 1984. As a Paralympic player, he won six medals between 1980 and 1984 and also participated in the wheelchair show at the Los Angeles Olympics. At the Vancouver Winter Olympics, he also served as the village head of the contest village. It’s normal for people to have fear, but life tells me that only by embracing fear can overcome it.” lightest wheelchair ramp but believe in yourself and go on. When you overcome your fears, you will find that your potential can surprise you.” He told reporters that people have dreams in life, but they are easily broken by fear. “I was disabled when I was 15 years old. I am also full of fear about the future, but I have faced the reality and changed my attitude towards life,” Rick said. “I started to participate in sports, participate in the Paralympics, the Olympics, and win the world championship. Travel around the world… In fact, fear can be overcome. Rick told reporters that during his time when he was 15 years old, his thoughts experienced a strong struggle. When talking about the person who had the most influence on himself, Rick mentioned an old man named Stan Sterling. In 1938, he also suffered from spinal injuries. He survived when medical technology was underdeveloped. lucky. “He was in a wheelchair and smiled into my life,” Rick said. “I was lying in the hospital for four months and complained every day. He told me that I haven’t been so blaming for four years,” Rick told reporters. “He made me realize that I am not physically disabled. But the disability is on their own attitude.