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After the show started, He Liran in Kong Long’s mouth rushed to the hot search with “5 minutes and 127 sentences with flower poems”, brushed the screen network, and received the attention of the people’s daily newspaper, Xinhua News Agency, lightest wheelchair ramp China Daily, Wenhui Daily and other media at home and abroad. There are also those children who are ten years old. Although they are very tired at night, when they answer the questions, they are all energetic and want to show the best side. It will not affect the state because of the pressure. It expresses the enthusiasm for the country and is full of cultural self-confidence. Seeing this group of enthusiastic children, lightest wheelchair ramp my fatigue is also swept away, and everything can be overcome. Mr. Kong Chuichang: I was the first time I went into the shed to record such a long time program. I really don’t know how to record TV programs. It’s not just the host, the players, my own three teachers, the team behind the scenes. More hearty. They go back earlier and later than us, and they have to do everything during the period. Mr. Kong Chui Chang: lightest wheelchair ramp What surprises me is that no matter whether it is the “Seven Stars” or the “Hundred Talents”, the young celebrities have a profound national culture. If there is no love for Chinese traditional culture and years of accumulation, it is It is difficult to achieve this level. From here, I really saw the hope of the renewed glory of China’s excellent traditional culture. Among these little celebrities, I am particularly impressed by two, lightest wheelchair ramp one is He Liran who challenges the “hundred people flying flowers”. Her familiarity with poetry is really amazing, and she is alone in fighting one hundred people without falling into the wind; Another one is Zhang Yiming. It seems that most of the players are afraid of meeting him. He is not only rich in historical knowledge, but also has a quick hand, quick brain and fast speech, which gives me a particularly deep impression. In short, I feel that the second season of “National Little Celebrities” has many highlights. It is a rare feast for the country that is hot and patriotic. In the video released by the program group, Kong Longchang and his son, the 80th generation of Confucius, Sun Kong Youren, reciting the Analects of Confucius, and also received favorable comments from netizens. We only need to know that Confucius is not only the founder of Confucian culture, but also a symbol of Chinese traditional culture. Some of the outstanding qualities of the Chinese nation, such as virtue, generosity, wisdom, lightest wheelchair ramp amiability, etc., can be said to be the image of Confucius, and can also be found in Confucian classics. If Confucius is only a stereotyped image, and there is no intimate teaching method, it is difficult to get the support of many disciples. I also believe that the Confucius of high emotional intelligence is also advancing with the times. lightest wheelchair ramp If his old man lives in the present, he will be deeply sought after by the nephews. Let me give you an example. It is a very fun thing. Someone invited me to participate in an activity a few years ago. Their responsible person heard that I was going to go and specially called our docking person here, saying that the local Confucius Temple was a monument and there was no ramp to push the wheelchair. The people on our side told him that it doesn’t matter, no need. Later, when Specific to the problem of the hole hang, the form is more abundant: there are “one person fighting hundreds of people” flying flower orders, there are also Hubei Fangxian farmers sing “Book of Songs”, some questions introduced e-sports, as well as Hu Xia, Chen Jianfeng, etc. The video title recorded by the artist… The promotion song “Hello! Zhuge Liang, directly sang 19 ancient classics into the “Chinese Fengshen” played by tens of millions of times.