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This month, Guerlain launched a beautiful and fabulous golden mascara. The conference was planned by a good friend Sally. She also invited her a good friend in Taiwan, a beauty expert, Niu Wei, Sally said to be on the release site of this mascara. I made a special event for the “Women and My Biggest” program in Taiwan’s Red Half-Day, so Da Laoyuan invited the host Niu Wei to Shanghai. eyelash extensions hong kong In medieval celebrations and carnivals, women who do not have a mask sometimes use wax to blacken their faces to make a face-lift or dress up as a ghost. This word is closely related to the “mâchurer”, “mascarar” and mascara, which means “blackened” in Old French. Its meaning was fixed at the time. In 2002, the Diorshow collection revived, bringing the ultimate “Maximeyes” mascara to create an unparalleled exaggerated lash makeup. eyelash extensions hong kong Its body is the same style as the Dior Charm collection, and has a square brush head that instantly creates the ultimate curl and extraordinarily rich makeup. eyelash extensions hong kong The new patent is unique in 360 degree to dense swirling brush head, XXL super rich and rich makeup effect, waving room to create a public eye Features: It can wrap each eyelash without being too heavy or sticky, giving a feather-like light texture. With the new streamlined “feather-like” eyelash sweep design, it creates a dense effect. Selling point: The breakthrough IFX rebound brush head is more suitable for the curvature of the eye line. The soft thermoplastic material makes the brush eyelashes easy. The high-tech mascara formula makes the eyelash increase by 70%. It can care for the hard-to-brush parts such as the eyes, the corners of the eyes, and the lower eyelashes, eyelash extensions hong kong so that the mascara can evenly and evenly wrap each eyelash. Selling point: Innovative use of long-acting liquid hydrophobic polymer, 9 years of exploration, 300 polymer studies, 4 patents in application, Virtuse spiral mascara shows a major technological innovation: first time in mascara formula Discover and use new hydrophobic polymers. eyelash extensions hong kong The Applied Research Laboratory uses a highly concentrated liquid polymer in the formulation to deliver a range of amazing results. He said: “The flower skirt of Tan Zhixuan is OK, but Jacket is not only old-fashioned in the little girl, but also has a strong country feel. If it is lined with a purple and red Or green Lace Jacket, the effect is more prominent. Selling point: Innovative patent formula, make cheetah mascara bring thick, long, curling and waterproof effects of eyelashes, and the comprehensive evaluation index is the highest. Inspired by the exotic top-quality leather, the eyelashes are thick, long and curled like top suede, and the texture is shiny and elastic, showing the elegance and sensuality. eyelash extensions hong kong How to use: Firstly use the streamlined eyelashes on both sides to instantly increase the density of the eyelashes, while the other side is a comb sweep to enhance the length of each eyelash. Frequent inoculation of eyelashes, false eyelashes, long-term coverage of glue causes eye allergies, affecting the growth of eyelashes themselves; the pressure and friction of false eyelashes cause damage to their own eyelash scales, sparsely broken. As the age increases, the eyelashes appear to aging and fall off, the number is reduced, and the sparseness becomes shorter. Of course, the good looks are also very delicate, with a quarter of German descent, three-dimensional deep facial features, easy to control any makeup. This is not in the dior show, even the most error-prone orange of Asians, she is also easy to control. Dior Dior has defined this as the “eye of Dior Dior”: it has a colorful, perfectly shaped, long, beautifying eyelashes, and has made a series of breakthroughs. Dior Dior uses Dior Dior Mascara to create the beautiful art of the eye, more elegant than ever. DIORSHOW ICONIC’s stunning mascara now writes a new chapter for this gorgeous story, following the Diorshow collection’s commitment to the essence of Dior’s “backstage” fashion show.