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3) In order to fully tap human resources, the rational flow personal loan hong kongof trained personnel, should not only allowed, but encouraged. ) 6) should take some drastic measures to stop unhealthy practices, according to the reporter exposed rampant in some places. (From the press exposures of view, unhealthy practices have been very serious in some areas, we must take strict measures stopped this unhealthy trend.) al of the Chinese people in this century to reach a comfortable level.) 8) He works enthusiastically as ever  some discretion expression “speak” meaning of synonyms, to make up for “say” this shortcoming i e Cor. corpus principal Cor. correspodent agency Corp. corporation company CP. commercial paper Commercial Paper CP A ce transfer wire ct crate crates ctge cartage freight charges, handling fees, fare Cts. personal loan hong kong cents divided CTT capital duties CVP analysis Cost Volume Profit analysis of the amount — — Profit Analysis CWO cash with order ordering payment Cy. currency currency CY calendar year CY container entire calendar year After the draft degrees, drafts D / A deposit e Exchange Rate Indexes of Hong Kong EERI EET East European Time Eastern European Time EF export finance export financing EF Exchange Fund Exchange Fund EFT electronic funds transfer elecpersonal loan hong kongtronic Funds transfer EFTA gular contact with the English press, radio. It is no exaggeration, he said, the rapid development of today’s society to expand a hundredfold, covering the scope of modern Enpersonal loan hong kongglish, so that was a joke, if Shakespeare regeneration, have probably become illiterate. The English-speakht for gay rights movement) and the like. Again, think tank, andbrain gain (talent inflow), brainstorm (team work; brainstorming), brain trust (think tank), brainonly brings new meaning to the simple and powerful common words, but also to make them expressive figurative, so they not only loved by the people, and more widely available. Although they sometimes intent irrelevant, but in the English press, but after another, greatly enriched the vocabulary of modern English. Of course, such changes in meaning, the resultnewspaper readership is extremely broad, and their educational level and the poor, whicpersonal loan hong kongpersonal loan hong kongh requires the reporter to make use of the majority of people can understand words and vivid images. One of the more effective means of which is often borrowed capitals, cities and other names in the news, famous building name and the names of Heads of Government, in order to repersonal loan hong kongplace the country or the government and relevant institutions. Sometimes the name was borrowed to represent a certain meaning, that it is an original news in English. For example: Urged by the Kohl administration, school boards round the country are planning to abandon traditional salary schedules and single out outstanding teachers for massive pay rises. Under Section thou urge the government, the Board of Education are being planned across the country tLondon), the City of London] British business community; the British financial Downing StreetNo. 10 / No. 10 Downing Street [(British Prime Minister’s official residence and the seat of some of the major government departments) 10 Downing Street] British Prime Minister; the British Government Fleet Street (Fleet Street) British press Scotland Yard (Scotland Yard; London police) London police Elysee [ (Frenchpersonal loan hong kong President’s official residence) Elysee Palace] the French government; the French president Maginot Line [Maginot] blind action (before the Second World War defensive positions system built by France); obsessed with maintaining the status quo Quai d”Orsay [(France Foreign Ministry nearby names) Kay Road Race dock] French Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the French foreign policy; the French government Bermuda / Bermuda Triangle [g a hat and gloves, tied with scarves, which to some extent, in line with the provisions of the Islamic attire for women. Such a composite attribute listed above by a hyphen glance, avoiding the use of phrases or clauses, personal loan hong kong not only simplifies the structure of the sentence in, saving space, easy to reporters deadlines, but also help the reader to speed up the reading speed. In addition, these complex attributive attributive qd acceptance Accrd.Intrig”haw