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organic bodycare organic rosemary extract” on the ingredient statement but you cannot state that the lotion was “Made With” organic ingredients or that the lotion is “Organic”Major loopholes when labeling organic body care and cosmeticsAgain as noted above the USDA has no authority over the production and labeling of cosmetics and personal care products that are not made with agricultural ingredients That’s on the FDA But since the FDA doesn’t regulat organic bodycaree what we’re left with are a large amount of unregulated so-called organic body care and cosmetic productsAdditionally NOP notes that cosmetics body care products and other personal care products may be certified to various private standards and be in the United States Some of these labels might include foreign organic standards eco-labels natural labels earth friendly labels and so on For the most part thor not using false organic marke organic bodycareting terms Whole Foods among many other co-ops and grocers will not carry your productsMany fake mislabeled organic products By orchoosingto not falsely label your products consumers are more likely to buy your products you will need to:Register today! The East-West School for Aromatic Studies has put together one of the most comprehensive online courses to learn how to make 100% natural organic personal care products ranging from cleansers and toners to body butters and salves. You will also learn how to incorporate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the longevity of your business Enhance y organic bodycareour business practice and lifeRegister today Tuition: $575Details about the Organic Body Care Products Certification ProgramThe Organic Body Care Products Certification Program has been designed for aromatherapists massage therapists estheticians entrepreneurs/business owners herbalists and individuals interested in learning how to formulate a wide range of personal care or body care productsThis program covers 100 hours of training This is an advanced-level organic bodycare class Aroma101 or similar course of study is recommended but not required This class can be taken by anyone but we*ve found that students are primarily interested in:EWSAS graduates have gone on to create successful aromatherapy retail businesses online essential oil and organic body care businesses botanical perfume businesses organic bodycaretherapeutic product lines chakra or yoga based lines sustainable green businesses web based radio shows and consultation servicesHow do I become certified with the Organic Body Care Products Certification Prog organic bodycareramIn order to receive the East-West School for Aromatic Studies certification students must:Course OverviewModule One: Understanding the skinModule Two: The Base IngredientsModule Three: Product FormulationFormulation ToolsProducts: Each p organic bodycareroduct section includes:_____ Ingredient Supplies list_____ Directions on how to make with photos &/or webinars &/or videoModule Four: Good Manufacturing Practices and Labeling requirements for US and Canada Also has links to GMP standards in EuropeLearn how to implement Good Manufacturing Practices to create a thriving and sustainable businessModule Five: Formulating based on skin typesModule Six: Formulating seasonal care productsModule Seven: Resources including supplies insurance organic certifying agencies and much more!! bacteria and viruses. diarrhoea, chemicals.sunburns, You will be provided wi organic bodycareth lifetime access to the course upon registration.00 for both the Organic Body Care Products Certification program and the Aromatic Applications for the Skin Program you will realize its powerful effects.Whether you*re new to the LOHAS community or have been using natural skin care for decades,B organic bodycareetter for the planetReduce chemical exposure.Better for farmersReduce chemical exposure. organic bodycarebecause of a loophole in labeling regulations for personal care products. Unfortunately there are also a slew of unsavory companies that take advantage of our desire for healthier products by misusing the word to imply their product is organic,By Francisca GalvezThe story of began with a trip to Indiais enriched with ingredients from