Singapore property market

Singapore property market uyers with at least one existing housing loan These market-cooling measures have been effective as evidenced by the property price falls and the plunging property demandThe Singaporean economy expanded by 49 in Q1 2014 from a year earlier similar to the country’s growth rate in the previous quarter Real GDP growth is projected at about 36 in 2014 from 41 in 2013 19 in 2012 and 6 in 2011 according to the (IMF)Thres average unemployment rate stood at 2 from 2010 to 2013There were about 12900 residents who had been looking for work for at least 25 Singapore property marketweeks in Q1 2014 down from 13700 in a year earlierIn April 2014 overall inflation rate stood at 25 up from 12 04 and 14 in the previous three months Singapores inflation rate was 24 in 2013 from 46 in 2012 52 in 2011 and 28 in 2010 according to the IMF The countrys headline inflation rate is expected between 15 and 25 in 2014 mainly due to decreased cost pressures from accommodation and private road transport according to the (MAS)The countrys central bank the maintained its tight monetary policy in April 2014 allowing a growth rate in the previoquarter was weak In Q4 2012 sales transactions were 228 down q-o-q to 7931 units according to the URA The quarterly sales reduction was felt across the board In Q4 2012 there were 277620 completed private residential units available with an occupancy rate of 946 and around 86475 uncompleted units according to the URAFalling interest ratesSingapores mortgage market is one of the most developed in Asia During the past decade it expanded sharply from approximately 275 of Gent) 11 ‘Total’ includes other types of dwelling not shown eg non-HDB shophouses etc 12 Includes non-privatised Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDC) flats 13 Includes HDB studio apartments 14 Does not reflect the fiscal pSingapore property marketosition of the current term of government as it takes into account land sales and capital receipts (which accrue primarily to past reserves) in addition to taxes and other revenues as well as land-related expenditure 15 Data reflects the net issuance of Government securities and lending minus repayments 16 In view of the rising proportion of marriages among persons aged 45-49 years the data series on general marrige Government Operations Cash surplus/deficit Sm Jul-Singapore property market14 Net cash inflow from operating activities Sm Jul-14 Cash receipts from operating activities Sm Jul-14 Cash payments for operating activities Sm Jul-14 Net cash outflow from investments in nonfinancial assets Sm Jul-14 Purchases of nonfinancial assets Sm Jul-14 Sales of nonfinancial assets Sm Jul-14 Net cash inflow from financing activities Sm Jul-he data series on general marriage rate has been revised in 2014 to cover the age group 15-49 years 23 Sep 2014 The rapid rise in property prices had several effectSingapore property markets, approximately 800,Property Market Insights provides you with a regularly uk MAS Bill Rate  pa Aug-14 5-year Govt Bond Interest Rate  pa Aug-14 S per US (as at end-month) S per US Aug-14 Money Supply (M1) Sm 2013 Official Foreign Reserves at end of year Sm 2013 Average Exchange Rate S per US 2013 Items Latest Period Latest Data  Change Previous Period Data  Change ExSingapore property marketternal Accounts Sm  Current Account Balance Sm  Exports of Goods and Services Sm  Imports of Goods and Services Sm  Primary Income Balance Sm  Secondary Income Balance Sm  Capital and Financial Account