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freight company singapore n accordance with added services is increasing. Logistics service providers is becoming a customer service center, processing and maintenance centers, information processing and financial center, according to customer needs while adding new services is an evolving c freight company singapore oncept. With respect to the logistics industry in developed countries, China’s logistics industry is still in its initial stage of development, the main features of its development: one enterprise logistics is still the focus of the whole society logistics activities, specialized logistics service demand has been created, which Note the level of development of Chinese logistics activities is still relatively low, strengthen internal logistics managem freight company singapore ent is still the focus of the whole society logistics activities; Second, specialized logistics companies began to emerge,for enterprises to win more customers. Logistics management was focused on the distribution part freight company singapore of the enterprise, that is, after the finished product produced, how quickly and efficiently the product through distribution centers serve customers and maintain a minimum inventory as possible. American Council of Logistics Management Association then called physical distribution management, and supply chain and logistics management in Canada is called the Canadian Association of Physical Distribution Man freight company singapore agement Association. At this early stage, logistics management only after a given amount of product produced, passively to meet customer demand, ge points over last year to speed up; rapid green economy, low carbon economy and circular economy driven by the development, regeneration total resources logistics rapid growth, an increase of 20.3%, an increase of 10.2 percentage points over last year to speed up. [1] 2013, logistics costs 10.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.3%, growth rate down 2.1 percentage points from a year earlier. 2013, the ratio of total social logistics costs to GDP was 18.0%, essentially flat with last year. Reflects Chinaal movement, this movement had its limited meaning, is to Earth as the freight company singapore reference, the physical movement occurs relative to the Earth, called the “displacement” geographic scope stream may be large-scale freight company singapore in nature, may also be in the same region, a combination of the same micro-environment movement, smalonsider the purchase of raw materials, as well as all aspects of transportation and other producers themsd essence of technology is to production, distribution integration, based on the demand side needs to organize production, arrange logistics activities. Therefore, it is flexible to meet the needs of the logistics of production, circulation and consumption and developed a new logistics model. This requires logistics distribution center based on the characteristics of consumer demand “more variety, low-volume, multi-batch, short-cycle”, flexible organization and implementation of logistics operations. ent of E-commerce era, due to the expansion of the scope of corporate sales, corporate and commercial sales and ultimately change the way consumers buy, making home deli freight company singapore very business has become an extremely important service business, prompting the rise of the logistics industry. Logistics industry that is able to provide a complete logistics service performance, as well as transportation and distribution the United States Department of TPL, that third-party logistics services) is defined as: “logistics channels in specialized logistics intermediaries to the way contracts all or some aspects of the logistics freight company singapore business services, within a certain period, for other companies to prothe intended target. The development of information technology also offers companies to reduce non-value-added logistics activities,