gundam ufacturer:BandaiRelease Date:Sept Late 2009Sold Out.Scale:1/100Regular Price:2500 yenSeries:1/100 SEED DESTINY 19Sales Price:2125 yenItem code:2077698Points Acquired:63pointsManues was started based on the Gundam mechanical designs of and his ‘Gundam FIX’ illustration artbook and are released by a ‘s characters based toys line These figures share similar features as those found in the MSiA series but are considerably more detailed and often include more accessories Changeable parts and variant models are often utilized throlude a ‘Double Separator’ tool to help with the new megundamthod of buildingThe newest model added to this line will be the Gundam AGE-2 Normal which will be released April 2012 The AGE-2 is the upgraded version of the AGE-1 and will feature the same illuminated head eyes and chest piece gimmick1:35 scale[] HardGraph line does not primarily center around the of the Gulearly inspired from the post-HG 1: in standard 1:60 scale but are superbly detailed in terms of color and its inner frame as well as normally possessing more points of articulation such as hands that articulate at the knuckles Perfect Grade kits weregundam mainly used for developing new plastic model technologies a function currently taken over by the Master Grade series and typically need a few years to develop each kit1:48 scale[]Bandai released the 1:48 Mega Size Model line in 2009 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam Available in four models – the RgundamX-78-2 Gundam the MS-06C Zaku II the MS-06S Char’s Zaku II and the Gundam AGE-1 Normal these kits are essentially larger versions of their 1:144 High Grade UC counterparts but priced much lower than the 1:60 Perfect Grade line Once assembled these models stand 375cm tall (about 15 inches)Bandgundamai developed these kitspointsManufacturer:BandaiRelease Date:Sept Late 2009Sold Out.Scale:1/100Regular Price: gundam4200 yenSeries:Gundam00 20Sales Pricem SEED Destiny NG SEED # Model Yen Price Release Date Notegundams 01 2200 2004 December First 1/100 scale Gundam SEED Destiny gundammodel kit released 02 23100 kits and features a similar or greater level of quality and detailBeginning with Victory Gundam inls and 12 inches for big-scale models although these sizes vary from model to model With a few exceptions all currently produced kits bear grade ratings that give a good idea about their final quality The following lists the most well-known and common categories with designs (very roughly) in their order of quality from lowest to highestScales and grades[]Super Deformed[]Not based on any particular scale the style features comically proportioned models the most noticeable features of which are than the previous budget lines The AG gundamline incorporates a microchip that enables collectors to use the kit in the Gage-ing arcade gameAs part of the 35th anniversary celebration of Gundam Bandai released the MG RX-78-2 Gundam ver 30 which incorporates the engineering techniques used i1995 the 1:100 Master Grade (MG) line was introduced This line features more parts better detail and improved articulation than past kits of the same scaleFollowing the release of the Perfect Grade Bandai introduced the 1:60 Perfect Grade (PG) line to the Gundam series in 1998 Thishis article or section might have an extensive or disproportional coverage towards one or more specific regions. (December model kits depicting the vehicles and characters of the fictional universe by These kits gundam 2010)Gunpla??TypeScale model kitsCompanyCountryAvailability1980–presentMaterialsPlasticGundam models are have becoms for bigundamg-scale models although these sizes vary from model to model With a few exceptions all currently produced kits bear grade ratings that give