Food Recipes

Food Recipes Cake two pro the head, fish bones and cook a few minutes, then lower the fish and cook 2-3 minutes, even pickled vegetables, bamboo shoots together wok, a teaspoon of sugar Inside, a little salt, add boiling water three times, once to replace the water about half an hour, then water is too clean, remove and drain intervals. Open ocean dip slightly warm water, placed in a small bowl add the wine, the cage or steam to rise through the fat. ② Heat wok, lower oil generation 35 grams, slippery shrimp fish. Soup pot, add Gansi, fast boiling twelve minutes, stir, plus wine, salt, shifting a small fire Braised coo Food Recipes k 10 minutes, so Gansi up fat, absorbing enough flavor. Pan, stir to boil before renewal, topped with coh mulberry, medlar 20 grams, dates (pitted) 6, quail 2. Quail Wash chopped, boil water picked up; various other things wash; the amount of water poured into the pot boil, add all ingredients boil, turn simmer and cook for half an hour, seasoning with salt and serve. Nourishing the liver and kidney, protect eyesight. Mulberry round meat wolfberry tea 100 g fresh mulberry, longan meat 20 grams, 10 grams medd nature in harmony, it must be more healthy, so the fall health is very important, then give you some health recipes, Food is through diet can eat healthy, that is the most important. Autumn we Food Recipes ather is cool, people’s appet Food Recipes ite, is the easiest season to gain weight, fat paper they are unable to lose weight eating habits do not hold, so that you lose weight in tveral autumn burn fat recipes, so you eat more lean. One, pickled vegetables steamed tofu Ingredients: 200 g soft tofu, pickled vegetables 80 grams, a little parsley, seasoning: 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon minced garlic, 1 tablespoon of oil. A banana milkshake Bananas are rich in potassium, a good stovepipe effect. In addition, consumption of bana Food Recipes nas will have a good satiety effect, can provide enough energy, not hungry, oh. Ingredients: 2 bananas, fresh milk 1 bag (245ml) Practice: 1 banana, peeled, cut into small pieces and put in juicer, or mount the hand-shake cup, shake out the milkshake with good results; 2 fresh milk into the juicer or shake the cup; 3 Start juicer, juicing with point pressure of the way, not a continuous juicing too long; 4 cup did not see massive banana, then pour the liquid becomes thick mounted cup eat. 1 celery fried Gansi: 25O grams of celery, tofu 300 grams, light blue, ginger amount. Wash celery root cut off the head, Food Recipes cut into sections; tofu cut filaments, onions and cut into sections, ginger fluff; Wok stir, pour peanut oil, till the Qicheng heat, add ginger and stir through the salt, pour curd wire fry 5 minutes, add celery, stir together the pot Serve. This dish delicious and tasty, with a bu Food Recipes ck Pinggan, laxative effect, applicable to high blood pressure, dry stool guitar and other illnesses. Seafood and vegetables roll Ingredients: cabbage, shrimp, fresh squid, cucumber, egg white. Practice: 1 Blanch the cabbage in boiling water for a few seconds to put out. Shredded squid fishing look into the boiling water to smell. Cucumber and cut into thin strip Food Recipes s. 2 will be an egg,ms, lily 40 grams, jujube 15, Yiyiren 30 grams and a total amount of rice porridge. Efficacy: yam with spleen and stomach function; Lily heat dryness; jujube, Yiyiren spleen and stomach, Zhu Yin and Yang Wei were combined appliances, heat and moistening effect.