Best restaurants in Singapore

Best restaurants in Singapore ,Singapore Classic Food Guide Browse: 18208 | Updated: 2011-10-11 17:56   Singapore, a Singapore classic classic gourmet cuisine Raiders Raiders two classic dishes Raiders 3 Singapore Singapore Singapore classic classic gourmet cuisine Raiders Raiders 4 5 6 Singapore Singapore classic classic gourmet cuisine Raiders Raiders seven-step reading Singapore is a food paradise. Diverse culture and rich history make Singapore proud have enough food. Food culture from China, India, Malaysia and many other c Best restaurants in Singapore ountries in the fiery crash in the melting pot in this Asian cuisine, and all show director. “Eat” this is a great fun Singaporeans. Thus, another image of the cuisine has become Singapore’s endorsement. A growing number of international visitors to Singapore on one plunged into the ocean gourmet delights. Whett famous., it created out of this alternative “Chongbi” the unique flavors.  Chicken Rice  Chicken Rice Singapore  chicken rice is a quasi “national dish.” Chicken tender and delicious, fragrant rice, with chicken, sliced ​​cucumber and chili sauce along with food, fantastic. Extremely simple, but delicious, called a must. Best restaurants in Singapore  chicre Chinese have a soft spot for its star, Andy Lau is said often came to Singapore, the Mandarin Hotel to eat  chicken rice. Singapore Classic Food Guide Bak Kut Bak Kut Teh This Road cuisine with herbs, garlic and spices, with black pepper sauce with rice and pork bones when cooking together, eating. It is the public for breakfast and supper. To Singapore, to eat authentic Bak Kut, should go stand in Chinatown Chinatown. Patrons seated, the owner will end on a steaming bowl of soup, a bowl there fifty-six ribs, plus a bowl of fragrant white rice, as well as a cut an inch-long fritters, patrons according to their tastes, c Best restaurants in Singapore an add pepper, vinegar, salt and other condiments. Bak Kut impact on Singapore’s food cul was known as satay up. There is a saying that originated in the Middle East satay kebabs (Kebab), doing business in Singapore by early Arab traders brought. Singapore Classic Food Guide Fly pie Roti Prata gs, you can choose a different sauce with curry or sugar according to their preferences. Some people simply use clinging to eat, really is a suck that delicious. Today, there Best restaurants in Singapore are many innovative fly pie for dinner, you can follow your own taste and let cook sprinkle with sardines, tomatoes on the cake, cream or even ice cream. If you fly pie eating when matched with fragrant Indian tarik, that is icing on the cake. Singapore Snack very large, it is an island of tropical Asia, where beautiful every year many visitors. This colese practf the rich foam, which is the “pull” the meaning of the word. Local coffee shop stores in India will be the guests tend to accumulate points tarik after a certain number of copies to be made​​. At this time, the scene “pull” to “pull” the deployment process to go full of fun, can make people feast for the eyes. This popular beverage drinking varied: hot, cold, with or without milk, Best restaurants in Singapore Best restaurants in Singapore with or without sugar, and so on. I am now studying in Singapore, so every day, eat the food. The race here is mainly Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Indian and Malay so there will be foodMa Ci ions (more than 50 booths above), and all delicious, which like laksa, sand pot trotters, roast devil fish, satay, curry angle is a good choice, you can also enjoy cheap open-air seafood barbecue food center or romantic atmosphere of the hotel’s ne