Warehouse Storage and Picking System

Warehouse Storage and Picking System logistics, e-commerce environment. Promote the developm erence provides upper and lower limits, in principle, the same area can be higher than the price of similar goods industry. —- 2 Operational flow distribution center —- American library layout and management of organized American distribution centers, so the busy business independently of each other, the main experience is: -n order to improve production efficiency circulation Warehouse Storage and Picking System logistics information network, to ensure the smooth running of the economy and development, organized a Michio Izawa, headed by a large delegation, in the fall of 1956 study American logistics, when Japan haIn addition, logistics facilities, goods packaging standardization, socialization of logistics, are also new features in common logistics, e-commerce environment. Promote the developm American logistics and distribution industry started early, mature experience, particularly high degree of information management, logistics development in China has great refer – From 1960s Warehouse Storage and Picking System, commodity distribution rationalization in developed countries membership system. Member supermarket shop because of different size, the required amount of the distribution of different commodities, while the center pay a different membership fee. Member shops in everyda Warehouse Storage and Picking System y treatment can participate in regular profit distribution center. The distribution s been basically formed, logistics costs in the proportion of product cost also will be greatly improved. Reduce logistics costs to improve the competitiveness of their products to increase the role Warehouse Storage and Picking System of, and therefore, the producers vigorously seek to reduce logistics costs, modern logistics has become so widespread concern in the industry. At the same time, computer networks and information technology has developed to the extent sufficient to support the logistics of the whole process optimization and i efficiency of logistics. The emergence of the Internet is to promote the logistics industry has undergone revolutionary change, based on timely and accurate transmission of information of the Internet to meet the information needs of logistics systems are highly intensive management to ensure that the logistics network between each point and headquarters as well as outlets full sharing of information. Modern Logistics Park Modern Logistics Park Globalization Logistics globalization contains two meanings, one refers to increasing economic globalization makes the world as a whole, large companies, especially multinationals increasingly global perspect warehousing, transportation companies, handling, and distribution enterprises, circulation processing industry. Information technology, globalization, multi-level and first-class services, e-commerce has become a logisti Warehouse Storage and Picking System cs company under the goal. 3.1 multifunctional – the direction of the development of the logistics industry In the age of electronic commerce, logistics development to intensive phase, the integration of distribution centers not only provide warehousing and transportation services, must also carry out picking, distribution and inesses can increase productivity, provide greater added value for the product. 1.2 E-commerce greatly facilitate the collection and dissemination of logistics information For information on the importance of business is self-evident, in the e-commerce environment, including EDI, barcode POS systems and other advanced mean Warehouse Storage and Picking System s of information exchange has been widely used, greatly improving the work efficiency, reduce errors caused by manual work, reduce operational expenses. Figure 2 is a typical EDI system: More importantly, the e-commerce system able to collect a lot of market information, through the processing and handling of such information, it is easy tormation technology is a high-level applications, logistics operations and decision-making process a lot of logistics, such as inventory levels to determine, select transport (transport) paths, automated guided vehicles running track and job control, automatic sorting operation, logistics a Warehouse Storage and Picking System nd distribution center management issues such as decision support machine requires a lot of knowledge to solve aid. In the process of logistics automation, logistics and intelligence is unavoidable technical problems. Fortunately, expert systems, robotics and other related technologies in the international arena has been relatively mature research resulhttp://www.daifukusingapore.com/products/15/84