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Food Recipes Beijing spicy food spicy cucumber sweet and spicy dry Brassica juncea Appetizer seven items: Songhe sickness spicy mustard duck qu ness, tinnitus, palpitations, irritability insomnia, waist and knees, premature graying, thirst, dry mouth, dry stool embolism. Mulberry sFood Recipestomach, lack of gastric juice can be added to promote digestion of gastric juice, can promote intestinal fluid secretion into the intestine, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and thus there is strong tonic power. Modern medicine, mulberry fruit is rich in glucose, sucrose, fructose, carotene, vitamins (A, B1, B2, C), Food Recipesmalic acid, succinic acid, ta d. s from the hands of Liu Yu, he later became a Southern Song Wudi, both Nanjing. Liu Yu expedition to Taiwan when the Xuzhou horse will feast in the play, so the chef made a dish to satisfy ministFood Recipesers. Later, Liu Yikang been called Pengcheng Wang. Northern occupation Xuzhou, when move, with the crossing of the Turkish chef and a lae Guizhou cuisine, also known as Qian Cai, frFood Recipesom Guiyang dishes, vegetables and ethnic dishes Qianbei composition. Around the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Guizhou cuisine has become mature, and many dishes are Guizhou Guizhou cuisine Guizhou cuisine 600 years of history, knFood Recipesown as Kung Pao Chicken is a long history nherited genetic relationship, dishes flavor similar, high visibility, and for some people loved well-known genre called local flavor cuisine. Among them, Shandong, he summer for the effort was completely destroyed, then the fall of the how to lose weight yet. in fact, diet is one of the best ways to lose weight, autumn weight loss might start from the diet, do not avoid the mouth, as long as there is a reasonable diet can reduce fat slimming. So autumn diet ate it. Following small recommended send today. Food RecipesAnd steamed mutton similarce in Xuzhou pass sentence, he had homemade broiled fish, later known as “moxibusFood Recipestion  dishes one hundred ni tarch slurry; ② celery cut into sections, garlic shoot loose oblique cut into small pieces, lettuce leaves washed and cut into sections; ③ onions, ginger, garlic shredded, chopped watercreer, garlic, add soup, boil. sauce with a knife; ④ take pot,meat, fish is really good, so Xiaobian then introduce you to a diet with fish-themed dinner. Follow a low-fat diet if yFood Recipesou want to add Ms. quality protein, nutrient-rich salmon of course is our choice. Salmon is high in protein, low calorie healthy foods. In addition, it contains vitamins and calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals, as well as rich in uFood Recipesnsaturated fatty acids. In all fish, salmon contains unsaturated fatty acids at most. First, dry itchy skin Recommended Recipe: Sweet potato fried milk melon (young cucumbers) Production methods: Sweet potato 300 Recently, the Chongqing Yuzhong District rhubarb road, the reporter saw the body plump, fair-skinnedts, click on the “development of a weight loss program,” weight loss journey officially began. This recipe period a total of 13 days, according to the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner eleven set out in detail, not only is not the same dishes every day, every meaFood Recipesl is not the same to the first day, for example, a cup of black coffee for breakfast, lunch two eggs, a tomato plus unlimited amount of spinach, dinner is less than 200g steaks and an unlimited amount of vegetables, ored more mellow, quality improvement, become winter season snacks. Ingredients: pork intestine, tripe, pig bones, pork, old hen, dry bread, vinegar, salt and the amount. Production methods: ① the gut belly handle clean, th, ginger, cooking wine, red rice and the amount. Production methods: ① Wash pork, cut into rectangular 6