Warehouse Storage and Picking System

Warehouse Storage and Picking System ies, funds may give businesses a burden, but also can not take advantage of the ability of social logistics. Therefore, many companies will own some or all logistics activities outsourced to professional logistics services business. Manufactur Warehouse Storage and Picking System ing companies and logistics service companies join to make effective social logistics activities to be reflected. Third-party logistics form the mainstream of modern logistics, led the logistics industry plays an increasingly important role in the national economy. (7) green logistics concepts. Green Logistics is taking various measures in the logist Warehouse Storage and Picking System world, this global business model must bring logistics globalization. Global logistics is a modern business features. (2) integrated logistics concepts. Logistics is an important manufacturer of customer service capabilities, the ability to directly affect the strength of the customers choice of goods results, but also affect the survival and developmen Warehouse Storage and Picking System t of enterprises. Enterprises in order to maintain customer loyalty, must quickly meet customer needs. Accept customer orders from start to start the procurement, production, inventory, distribution and other activities, frv customer, and can quickly, a Warehouse Storage and Picking System ccurately and inexpensively send the facilities. Most manufacturers, wholesalers, department stores are all set to send in the vicinity of the center of consumption, with its center, the transmission activities more effectively. Transmission center has the following advantages: (A) save transportation costs; (2) improve the efficiency of transport services; (3) suppliers were separated embodiment; (4) the abolition of the cross transport. Distribution Center Distribution: (Delivery of Distribution Centers) Refers to the activities of the organizers of the d Warehouse Storage and Picking System istribution is the distribution center. Distribution center is specialized in goods distribution activities, distribution companies, operating a larger scal Warehouse Storage and Picking System e, the structure of its facilities and processes are specifically designed and set up according to the characteristics and requirements of distribution activities, so specialized, high degree of modernization, facilities and equipment is relatively complete, strong cargo distribution capabilities, not only long-distance distribution, can also be more variety of goods distribution, not only the distribution of industrial enterprises be obtained from the consignor professio shipped to the receiving point of the joint establishment of a number of users. This distribution is conducive to saving and improving the capacity of goods transporelopment of national eco Warehouse Storage and Picking System nomy, the market demand for logistics industry continued to expand. In the 21st century, in the country continue to strengthen and improve macro-control policy, China’s logistics industry to maintain a rapid growth rate, the logistics system of continuous improvement, the industry is running increasingly sophisticated and standardized. 2 Development Editing Under the dual economic globalization and e-commerce, logistics is fast becoming an inevitable trend of the current restructuring and the development of the logistics industry Warehouse Storage and Picking System from the tty made express Warehouse Storage and Picking System courier company can make home delivery, courier companies have good luck, tact, in the pass, Shen Tong, Hui Tong, rhyme. Express can be about 90% of the country’s counties, the western remote areas duan courier. (B) medium items, such as the range of 100-200 kg 1 If the distance is less than 5 kilometers, you can find tricycles and other channels, to contact the driver directly compare the economy. s. 4 retailers increasing power. 5. globalization of trade. 11 logistics hundred Editing Since 2004, China’s logistics hundred selected by the Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the selection committee) organized Chinese logistics enterprises hundred contest has been held for the fifth, got the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, departments, units and logistics enterprise support and participation in the economic field, especially the logistics sector generally believe this contest authoritative, high reliability, to promote the development of logistics enterprises in China has played a positive role. 12 Moderhttp://www.daifukusingapore.com/products/15/84