Food Recipes

Food Recipes ar, and then cook 30 minutes, served the cure lung deficiency cough. 5, white fungus 15 grams, lily 10 grams of cutrition. 13 Five recipes infirmary law Editing A red food nourishing the heart Red f Food Recipes oods include carrots, red pepper, tomato, watermelon, hawthorn, dates, strawberries, sweet potatoes, red apples. According to Chinese medicine theory of five elements, red for fire, as the sun, so the red food into the human body can Food Recipesget into the heart, into the blood, mostly with Qi and blood and promoting blood, lymph-generated effects. Studies have shown that red food generally has a strong antioxidant activity, they are rich in lycopene, tannic acidFood Recipes, etc., can protect cells, have anti-inflammatory effects. Some comrades susceptible to cold virus bully, eat red foods will help you find, such aFood Recipess the carotene contained in carrots, can be converted in the body into vitamin A, the protection of human epithelial tissue, and enhance the body’s ability to resist cold. In addition, the red food but also for e pot boil, cut off from the large intestine in the head at about 35 cm, and remove Hulu. ② wok, add water, stir to boil, add the intestines, stomaFood Recipesch, Shaozhu few roll, skim foam, use the heat anFood Recipesd simmer for about 30 minutes, cover and cook over low heat for about four hours, plus salt. 10 minutes after the fish. ③ the intestine drain water, then head colon and intestines into the broken section of bamboo sieve dry. ④ Wash the pig bones, cut the pork cut into 2.4 kg weight of the block. Insertion of water in a large wok, stiediately serve. ③ pot over a small amount of remaining oil, turn into the spring onion, soy sauce, sugar, half a cup of water, onionf blood, illness virtual win, frail, malnourished embolism. Dairy milk processing plant by a variety of porridge recipe form sweet, salty, such as different flavors. Its sterilization time is short, less nutrient loss. Milk jujube Practice: Milk 500 ml, jujube 25 grams, 100 grams of rice. Put the rice and jujube with Zhu Chengyu, then n Stir four products: Meat cookinFood Recipesg fried delicacies roe deer fern ridge Salt Lake meters water bamboo; Cake two prFood Recipesoducts: Crystal Plum bag gold corner Royal dish a product: colorful fried hump Stir four products: duck peach Ding burst fired tofu fried gold cake boxes; Cake two products: Lotus volume DAIJUJIA Grill two items: holding oven roasted guinea fowl breast deer Meal porridge a product: lotus porridge meal Fruit a product: a product seasonal fruit platter Farewell tea: Dongting Biluochun. Six Festive feast Festive feast means the Qing Neiting seasonal festivals and a fixed set of Feast. Such as: Mongol feast, Yuan will feast, feast of spring, end luncheon, QiQiao feast, Mid-Autumn feast, feast Chongyang, the winter solstice feast, New Year’s Eve feast, etc., according to festival times were established as a routine trip. Manl dish four products: ink Yugeng loFood Recipestus leaf pine Hericium chicken fried white mushroom beef Grill two items: hanging furnace sand plate chicken skewers Maren deer Meal porridge a product: Jennifer dilute black rice Fruit a product: a product seasonal fruit platter Farewell tea: jasmine Buxus centFood Recipess. Four Feast Minds 1000 Thousands feast Parkot move.” Beauty Xian Ming: Silver Needle Dried four items: the smell of spiced cashew peanut walnut crystal candy stick Preserves four products: candied orange Begonia candied banana candied candied plums Cake four products: flowers light longan Ai Wo Wo jam gold color chestnut cake cake Pickles four items: a small palace spicy cucumb