Best restaurants in Singapore

Best restaurants in Singapore an-style diet, here are. Singapore is known as a gourmet paradise, do not go here, you can eat exotic foodSingapore also has its own specialties, which is composed of long lived in Malaysia, Singapore, Chinese, fusion of Chinese and Malay dishes developed by home cooking dish called Nyonya. In addition, a representative of Singapore foods:  chicken rice, Fujian fried noodles, freBest restaurants in Singaporesh fruit fried clam strips, fried carrot cake, stuffed tofu, sand pot rice, barbecued pork wonton noodles, shriating habits, flavor, coupled with their own style, gradually formed its own characBest restaurants in ingaporeteristics Singapore food. d a must.  chicken rice production methods particular about the wogether, and it is particularly creamy and delicious; then dipped dark soy sauce, minced garlic, or a special hot and sour chili sauce, taste great.  chicken rice is fully cooked chicken is absolutely not. ToBest restaurants in Singapore sligBest restaurants in Singaporehtly pink meat around the bones, bone marrow or with chicken blood, to be qualified.  chicken rice is the 1920s and 1930s brought immigrants from Hainan in Singapore, but unexpectedly greatly locals.  chicken rice is initially accompanied by rice and ginger chicken, after evolving, there is still Cantonese chicken rice and Malay chicken rice and other flavors.   PhilippBest restaurants in Singaporeine President Ferdinand Marcos’s daughter also specifically plane to Singapore taste, so do not underestimate this small bowl of Cuisine Nyonya cuisine Nyonya Peranakan refers to women in the past to live in Singapore, Malacca and Penang, since the early Peranakan Malay and Chinese descendants intermarried, so Nyonya food fusion of Malay and Chinese cooking specialties family, from taste one side, Nyonya food is the most special, the most exquisite traditional dishes, some Nyonya pasta, such as coconut milk soup mix Best restaurants in Singaporeof laksa (raBest restaurants in Singaporesa), and mix with hot and sour soup mee siam (Malay fried rice noodles), are generally common snack food center. The earliest is peeled carrot grater, then add sausage tablets, tablets shrimp, mushrooms tablets, celery and other ingredients steamed, crisp outside and tender, sweet taste without fragrance. And now we eat beetroot cake Singapore has long been a fusion of improvement, is to be garlic and egg sauce from white radish, with moderate heat fry until golden brown, that is Best restaurants in Singaporedelicious fried carrot cake. Singapore beetroot cake more into black and white, both with the flavor. atay GADO GADO MEE REBUS heap of weet potato stew chicken fried rice Lala barbecue Devil Rays Coconut cream cake fried oyster egg surface chaise medicinal herbs Zuiji sugar Hashima crocodile stew soup up Seafood fried rice risotto Malay nasi lemak Bak Kut Chinese herbs mutton soup Indian mutton soup noodles India IBest restaurants in Singaporendia India Roger spiced pizza Man shoots first snow trees water trees satay mlection of multi-racial country, determine its unique food culture. A wide variety of Singapore cuisine, loved by the people. What food in Singapore? Singapore specialties do you know what? Look Here. Nasi lemak nasi lemak can be said that Singapore’s anto two types, traditional Malay style is relatively simple, which added anchovies (anchovy), nuts, fish, cucumbers, you can also add an egg. While the other is a ChinMalay / Indian cuisine Mixed with cold Best restaurants in Singaporedishes such as rojak, gado gado are popular dishes, satay (satay) kebab is most locals and Western tourists favorite food, a string of marinated beef, lamb or chicken cooked in Fo Tan , and then stained with peanuts and coconut milk modulating in order to Stir a color, flavor and taste of the food. May require adding spicy chili sauce stir-fry, savory and sweet with a little spicy being, people enjoyable. 9 beetroot cake Fried Carrot Cake Beetroot cake, carrot cake, commonly known as “turnips” is actually the common name