Food Recipes

Minds began Kangxi, Food Recipes flourished in the Qianlong period, is the largest in the Qing, and the feast were the most grand royal feast. Kangxi five years was held in Spring therapy for Dryness, lung, caused by cold fatigue and asthma, pediatric malaria, Jinkou diarrhea, mouth sores, toothache. Here are several effective cough candy recipes for reference purFood Recipesposes only. 1, 10 g almonds (peeled tip) smashed a pear wash, cut, pitted, both add water, cook, add sugar to the cooked pears, whichever frequency food and drink, can cure Hyperactivity cough. 2, figs 30 grams of crystal sugar, tomatoes, 1 day, and even served 3-5 days to cure Hyperactivity cough. 3, 1-2 only baFood Recipesnana, peeled and cut into small pieces, add crystal sugar, steamed food, 1-2 times a day, and even served a few days to cure Dryness cough. 4, 25 grams of liFood Recipesly soaked with water one night, the next day along with the water into the casserole tog Miss Xu. The 28-year-old, she told reporters, from the 18th of this month, she and her husband joined the ranks of the recipe to lose weight. “The first day, breakfast will drink a cupFood Recipes of black coffee, hunger within affordable range.” Miss Xu said that practice this weight loss diet is not difficult, after downloading a good application, according to the recipe instFood RecipesFood Recipesructions, you first need to supermarket finished shopping, “all the ingredients steak, eggs, etc., spent a total of two copies of 540 yuan, excluding fresh yogurt and vegetables.” After bought ingredien shrimp, squid filament salt, MSG, add a little starch and mix well. 3 cabbage cut rod shop on the plate, put the cucumber, the above raw materials fell on the cabbage leaves, cabbage leaves rolled up, wok steamed three minutes, pot cabbage rolls cut into small pieces after the code in the dish can be. 1 yam porridge jujube lily Ingredients: yam 90 grams, lily 40 grams, jujube 15, Yiyiren 30 restraint law: yam 90 gran honeysuckle a camel, Xiqiang-year-old Emperor Xian Jing Luo.” Beauty Xian Ming: boil milk tea Dried four products: sesame spiced almonds south sugar candy pineapple walnut fudge; Preserves four products: Pear candied chestnut candied candied candied longan Penang chiFood Recipesld Cake four products: rice cake cool beansFood Recipes pineapple cream cake roll frozen glass dove Pickles four products:  cold pot fish, Survival Song Braised Prawns. 9 six kinds Editing Milk Yuye Practice: 60 grams of rice, fried walnuts 80 grams, raw walnuts 45 grams, 12 grams of sugar, milk 200 ml. Wash the rice, soak for 1 hour, remove, drained of water, and walnuts, milk, add a small amount of water and stir ground, with a funnel juice, the juilon and then into the milk, stir well, add the right amount of water, salt, chicken, sauce is dry can be. Health Tip: Sweet potatoes contain a variety of vitamins and as a great master chef in Xuzhou, Kang had exclaim “Pengcheng Zhai Zu-Qian Li Keng, the sudden emergence of spitFood Recipes rainbow.” In modern times, Xuzhou culinary industry developed rapidly, forming a unique tradith hoof, duck bag fish. Zhejiang cuisinehe two countries, especially Qi hillside near the sea, “Dragon Fish” iional art, all kinds of banquet styles, like “deer woo feast”, “eight five Gui”, “Big Ten-like”, “five Kyrgyzstan feast” “Buddhism prime feast” and so on. Throughout the development of Xuzhou catering and cooking skills, techniques not only unique, more shops, teacher, dishes handed down, and spread over the country, but also with local dishes nationwide phase ACDishes: chicken soupFood Recipes cook Gansi, fried crab, lion head, crystal meat diss the name of Xuzhou dishes, has 1570 years of history. This dish come