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Wedding Planning Singapore Whenever the New Year approaching, Singaporeans will be near the bank in exchange for the value of S $ 2 to S $ 20 (S $ 1 or about $ 0.709) ranging from banknotes, until New Year’s Eve or New Year period, into printed pattern and good luck wishes written word among red envelopes, and then distribute them to their children and gra Wedding Planning Singaporendchildren or other children to come to the New Year, some money from the $ 5, $ 10 and $ 20 dollars. Young did not give children red envel  Singapore Chinese in Fujian and Cantonese Chinese majority, there are some people in Hainan Hakka. Chaozhou Chinese New Year and ultimately, lo, Hakka and ultimately, tofu, Hainanese chi Wedding Planning Singaporecken is sure to prosperity and moral long leek. Fish symbolizes more than auspicious, nature is essential for”And sit ceremony ‘is the culmination of Malay marriage rituals, marriages were usually held in the afternoon o Wedding Planning Singaporef the last day and sit ._ ceremony” was not originally part of the Muslim marriage ceremony, which is affected by Hindu evolved couples from Wedding Planning Singapore the ritual. “And Zuotai ‘style with Malay Sultan’s throne is very similar. Station at three levels, six, people think, “six” is a l Wedding Planning Singaporeucky number. The above is only Simei Singapore Chinese to introduce traditional wedding etiquette. After we have seen is not that they still keep a lot of old customs it? In fact, the only think America felt the need to respect the wedding ceremony, but do not have to copy. Hang the lantern crowded River Hongbao celebrations, Marina Bay night will show the rich cultural performances. Well-known local performing groups from Singapore and other countries will take their turns, using traditional Chinese culture and art and Chinese and global visitors to Singapore to celebrate the New Year! New Year’s Eve night, the River Hongbao major countdown event, there will be a giant fireworks Wedding Planning SingaporeMalaysian Malay Chinese wedding customs VS What’s the difference? These are ordinary Chinese Malay wedding mode. Here is a Chinese wife had just become a Malay personal experience: Selected 1 auspicious morning the bride and groom to the woman’s home Wedding Planning Singapore2 to the bride’s parents both of which offer tea and now Shanghai is the same, the next is not the same  please matchmaker to propose marriage wedding details and arrangements on behalf of the practice, but also fewer and fewer. Premarital etiquette Prior to the conclusion of a marriage must be paired old times “character” traditional practices, has actually abolished. Wedding Planning SingaporeIn today’s Singapore, the most common is the future father-in-laferings ancestor worship, meaning that the news report it. Then the cake to give to friends and relatives, instead of the traditional gift “peanut cake” approach, this cake is made of red paper packaging, above clo When the wedding, the man walked half way, the woman walked half way; man to dress up like a prominent officials, umbrella happy to greet the bride; sad woman will have to show the way, because to stay away from family and friends, and therefore a bad mood.Today, many people think that a marriage to pay the amount (ie the bride price] concept is outdated, but also detrim Wedding Planning Singaporeental to the identity of the woman, however, it should be nount (ie the bride price] concept is outdated, but also detrimental to the identity of the woman, however, it should be noted that the “bride price” actually contains this sense: to recognize and thank the man said the woman’s Wedding Planning Singaporepar Wedding Planning Singaporeents for the upbringing of Well, so even without sending the bride price, but give gifts to the woman’s parents and remains very widespread custom in order to express my gratitude to the fut