Best restaurants in Singapore

Best restaurants in Singapore rley porridge Seafood Grill  chicken rice fried strips of trees Fried Hokkien noodle stir-fry head trees Chendol 1 chilli / black pepper crab Chilli Crab & Black Pepper Crab Best restaurants in SingaporeSingapore is located in the tropics, is said to poison the locals in order to drain the summer, eat a variety of food tastes naturally biased towards spicy taste. In Singapore, the traditional spicy taste a variety of dishes, and again chilli crab and black pepper crab is most famous. Best restaurants in Singapore2  Chicken Rice  Chicken Rice Singapore  chicken rice is a quasi “national dish.” Chicken tender and delitaste great.  chicken Best restaurants in Singaporerice is fully cooked chicken is absolutely not. To slightly pink meat around the bonesBest restaurants in Singapore, bone marrow or with chicken blood, to be qualified.  chicken rice is the 1920s and 1930s brought immigrants from Hainan in Singapore, but unexpectedly greatly locals.  chicken rice is initially accompanied by rice and ginger chicken, after evolving, there is still Cantonese chicken rice and Malay chicken rice and other flavors. hrimp and other spices from a foreign country to blend ant Indian coke blowing shells fly pie very mellow, when the entrance thick Nanyang wind, make you nostalgic endless. ABest restaurants in SingaBest restaurants in Singaporeporefter enjoying a string of satay, do not forget some more coconut leaves or pandan leaves wrapped in traditional Malay rice, cucumber and onion, satay entrance will be more distinct taste. In Singapore, it is recommended that you must try has over 50 years of operating history oBest restaurants in Singaporef authentic Katong Best restaurants in Singaporelaksa. Katong laksa now reportedly used pepper oil is still the year of its founder personally concocted it. 7 Fish Head Curry Fish Head  onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant first, and then a thick curry sauce and simBest restaurants in Singaporemer head. Plus fresh spicy curry fish head soup, spicy and sweet, rich flavor, spicBest restaurants in SingaporeChili crab is to cut the whole crab, add the meat and shell ketchup, chili stir-fry together. Eat up, fresh crab meat accompary strong microstrip bitter, taste and drink it, it is mellow, fragrant lungs. Best restaurants in SingaporeBak Kut origin, there are two versions, one is from a Canton man will this recipe to a friend south of Singapore, the time evolution into today’s Bak Kut. Another argument is that created by the local people of Fujian. Chinese workers that year, very much like the affordable food, regular consumption is said to have the effect of physical fitness. Bak Kut imon the color of the flame, and soon, the chef put it out on the disk, less than three minutes to fly a freshly baked pie on the fly in front of diners. Golden color, slightly fragrpreferences. Some people simply use clinging to eat, is indeed a Suck that delicious. Today, there are many innovative fly pie for dinner, yBest restaurants in Singaporeou can follow your own taste and let cook sprinkle with sardines, tomatoes on the cake, cream or even ice cream. If you fly pie eating when matched with fragrant Indian tarik, that is icing on the cake. Curry Curry is authentic Indian specialties, while the head but also for the Chinese favorite, the two can come together, can indBest restaurants in Singaporeeed be regarded as one of Singapore’s own Indian cuisine. This dish was first pioneered by the Singapore Indians, had just done to the head of the Chinese love to eat; Gradually, Malays and Indians have begun to fall in love with this dish, and after years of improvement, curry fish head fame began to spread widely. This Road Indian flavor filled dishes, usually in a large grouper or red snapper head head-based materials, with spring