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bsolutely can not miss is the custom with local specialties – “Laoyu students.” What is “Laoyu born” mean? “Sashimi” is a feature of Chinese New Year dishes in Southeast Asia, with raw fish bar as the main ingredients, accompanied by colorful vegetables and fruits silk yarn, plus peanut cashew nuts add gas Fortunate, sprinkled with white sesame seeds, allspice and pepper and other seasonings together. Sashimi should have a good omen of rhetoric can bring wealth, good Wedding Planning Singaporefortune, etc., such as “get rich sashimi”, “Fortune sashimi”, “rich sashimi”, “thriving sashimi” and so on. When to eat, we side with chopsticks to stir up all kinds of delicious high, while loudly said, “picthe lowest two about half a foot high, the top level there are about two feet high. Around Taiwan with an embroidered silk surround Wedding Planning Singaporeed, then loaded on holiday lights, one out of a dark, colorful j truly beautiful. one of the best on that one is a couple and a place to sit, have a padded jacket and gaudy colors and proportionate backrest. exposure on it, overlooking the guests, like kings Zaozhao style. wonder Malay family friend said, OK, “and sit ceremony” couples like to do so noble kings d Color. Jiri one to the next batch of gifts to the future groom took the bride’s family, the gift of composition varies due to different dialects native place, the number is usually ! Do not miss Countdown Carnival, along with lively locals celebrate the New Year ! Wedding Planning Singapore t, it will purchase a variety of New Year ornaments, such as Fortuna, goalkeeper and couplets like. At the same time, they will to carefully pick their favorite florist such as citrus trees symbolizes good luck, fortune symbol enrichment of lucky bamboo, with luck and fortune meaning of chrysanthemum symbolizes extra cash money trees. During the Chinese New Year, the Chinese still retains relatives , mutual Road auspicious habits. New Year’s Day, son and daughter and grandchildren have parents and grandparents to the New Year, daughter, son and grandchildren are the first two days outside the door congratulations. Of course, in Wedding Planning Singaporeaddition to red envelopes, we Chinese in Malaysia, mostly from Guangdong, Fujian, Hakka, Chaozhou and other places, they also have a number of different wedding customs. Chinese wedding day:  et set up a few tables, so the woman entertain fami Wedding Planning Singaporely and friends.      Fixed marriage      Engagement ceremony is usually: Both sides exchanged rings first, followed by offerings ancestor worship, meaning that the news report it. Then the cake to give to friends and relatives, instead of the traditional gift “peanut cake” approach, this cake is made of red paper packaging, above close to the “hi-hi” word.      Carolina Choi      “Na-color” is the exchange of gifts, according to theA red inner seal Cash (on behalf of “bride price”]. Two pairs of red candles, one pair of paste paper-cut dragon (representing the groom], one pair paste phoenix-shaped paper cut (on behalf of the bride], which means “born of a Sabrina” means. Wedding Planning SingaporeOne or more pieces of gold ornaments to the bride. Pig, can be fresh or canned, if it is canned, usually need to send a few cans. Wine, cakes or preserves, candy. Chicken, bridal dresses, fruit, orange or sugar cane. Gifts with red plate full bloom, by the man an old Wedding Planning Singapore er relative or friend to the woman’s house, and the woman generally will not accept all the gifts. But will return six, including: A red envelope, sealed inside part of the original cash. One pair paste phoenix-shaped paper cut red candles.