Food Recipes

Food Recipes Pay attention to diet, with strong local characteristics. 4 Eight cuisine Editing Chinese “Eight cuisine” cooking techniques, each with charm, characteristics of its dishes are also different. Shandong cuisine Genre: from Jinan and Shandong local flavor composed of two parts Features: gorgeous, addicted to onion and garlic, especially in seafood, soup and a variety of animal organs for long. Dishes: fried large Ha, stewed conch, sugar cakes carp. Food RecipesSichuan Cuisine Genre: There are Chengdu, Chongqing, two genres. Features: taste, wide taste, Wei Hou, Sauvignon known. Food RecipesCandied grapes Horseshoe Cake four products: gold lotus seed cake cake cake roll adzuki Wandou Huang Pickles four products: purple sweet-scented osmanthus sauce mustard oil leisure Xianggan even coriander cucumber Save box a product: Dragon gilt dragon to save the box with the column Spiced duck sauce sFood Recipes picy chicken brine outlet strip loin marked Braised chicken tomato sauce osmanthus Horseshoe straw mushroom fungus pepper oil Appetizer four items: Longevity million words coral Food Recipes abbage dish spiced prawns Royal four products: ShenQi egg stew Baifeng Long Feng and his son holding a large leaf parsley with joy delicacies Chongqing Shoppes Taoranju is started with spicy snail. Ingredients: escargot 1000 g, chili, Pixian, pepper, ginger rice, garlic, soy sauce, cooking wine, vinegar, salt, sugar, chicken, cooked sesame seeds, green onion and the amount. Production methods: ① snail washing clean wok, add water and wine, balsamic boiled picked up, go to the head of the cladding. ② refueling wok pan, dry chili festival, fry brownish red, the next pepper, ginger Food Recipes ice, garlic, Pixian stir-fry until fragrant. Under snail stir fry, followed by the next wine, vinegar, salt, sugar, soy sauce, MSG, stir constantly to the Food Recipes fire until escargot cooked, tasty, pot plate, sprinkle with sesame seeds, green onion and serve. Fortress Spicy Chicken Material stress, Ingredients certain choice is to kill domestic soil Aberdeen rooster cooked in order to keep fresh and plump, accessFood Recipes ories and non-production of two bars Sichuan pepper and Sichuan pepper production maowen Dahongpao not, and is the test for the furnace master chef. Spicy snail Spicy snail Food RecipesIngredients: 50Food Recipes 0 grams of soil rooster, pepper, chili, cooked sesame seeds, cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger, green onion, chicken and the amount. Production methods: ① cock gutted washed, cut into small pieces. Ginger, onion, chili chopped spare. ② the chicken into a bowl, add soy sauce, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, salt, ginger, pepper and other mix, marinated 10-15 minutes. ③ wok set on fire, after the oil pan and deFood Recipes ep fry the dry chili festival brownish redprinkle the salt, chicken, sugar, vinegar, thicken, add chopped green onion, boil, pour in the eggplant strips. Shuizhuroupian Ingredients:aurant together, saying: “Week eight persons smelling dismount, Han three heroes Taste Parking” It is obvious that the dish has a very high level. Xuzhou Han Dynasty unearthed in stone can glimpse about the Xuzhou diet. In the Han Dynasty unearthed stone, there are officialFood Recipes banquets, City restaurants restaurants, dance feast, the men drink, four drink; raw chicken, fish, rabbits, deer, geese, etc.; has PaoRen slaughter with the case, there are people light a fire to cook kitchen, desk operations, as well as Layu, dried meat hanging in the atrium of the scene and so on. Tongshan County in Xuzhou Han Stone Hanwang found in the kitchen of the House especially is accounted for half. Thus, the Han Dynasty in Xuzhou cooking techniques developed, there are a lot of foodies, chefs. “Chinese Ancient Song”, saying: “the Golden Temple, the golden cup, the extension of the guests, the Golden Gate into the Golden Gate, the Jintang, East kitchenware.