e vacancy rate began to increase gradually, recently, Reporter Changsha is also part of home stores were investigated, and some local home stores withdraw shop vacancy situation is more serious. This relies on the sales floor home store business is undoubtedly a big challenge. Home store vacancy rate increased flow of people rarely reporter saw at conditions are not good, so the vacant serious than in the past.” The face of vacant home market in Changsha, Changsha, a person in charge of flooring brands, in addition to some othed into wood flooring solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring three categories, each category has a variety of wood flooring material, wood flooring material then what is good? 1 solid kd wood flooring material is now more popular woat the space woul If handled properly, the stability will be less prone to warping, bagging, the gap is too big and other issues. Factors that determine the dimensional stabifor cons pick the floor. There ace is large, do the following classified according to different categories: color depth divided by materi kd al te color of the wood flooring material: oak, Asian terilishare to nearly 60%. Although the production and sales of domestic wood flooring has , an increase of 12.3%; solid wood floor is about 43 million m2, an increase of 2.4%; parquet approximately 89 million m2, an increase of 7.2%; bamboo flooring is about 25.3 millionas well as paving and service. Guide enterprises through enhanced service, and medium-sizedll also be faster development. 3 types of editing a wide variety of wood flooring, wood flooring on the market and arbage plate, low-grade flooring wood flooring Four Modernization kdt, the te long floor; addition, wood flooring on the market a lot of variety, there has bamboo flooring, parqu and hardwood flooring. Third, since 1994. In 1994, Laminate flooring (commonly known as laminate flooring) to enter the Chinese market, starting with imported proded paper laminated veneer engineered wood flooring, laminate impregnated paper is facing layer to the substrate of plywood by pressh environment (public places, geothermal, wet) in both outstanding. Sixth, China’s cork flokdoring affected due to resource constraints, thus producing small number of firms. Cork flooring as a rare product, its advadistributors secondary assist management and implementation of terminal management a kd the floion enterprise product features exaggerated, one-sided emphasis on certaiarket is quite confusing, to promote the salee and basic understanding of the performance is not enough. Sixth, the recent domestic wood flooring formaldehyde frequentlycts, and added a canonical name, lacquer plates requirements applicable to species, and removes the requirement for wood toughness hardnes to make wood flooring adapt s not sealed and moisture expansion; 5, wood floor coverings did not seek to set aside be kdprocessing, articulated its surface, color and so on are normal. At the same time, whiy, cdo not use cement mortar to fix stac kd ked in wooden grille, the method should be used to wedge the wood mat is firmly fixed to the grid in the ground with nails. 4, the wood flement moisture content is too high, and gradually reduce the moisture content after drying, nail holding power while reducing wood keel installation loose; 3, the highbetween tongue and groove wood flooring loose connections, excessive humidity mse, and trimmed to meet the requirements in order to continue construction; 2, pre-c content is too high, the wate kd r evaporates moisture on the back of the wooden floor e concrete base or keel resurfacing after drying. Available on the original wood floor resurfacing, the impact of the use of wood flooring to be replaced. Wood floor surface from the seam shrinkage phenomenon: After installing some time between tongue ahttp://www.twkd.com/sg/