4 Alice drums mainly local board damp deformation addition, there are small or seamless patchwork wool board, use, leaking pipes and other bubble caused by wet floors. After floor coverings, paint floor paint should paint a complete, daily use to prevent water flowing into the lower floor, to clean up the water surface layer. 5 floor during the cuttion of condensation water; 6, wood floor surface wipe with a damp mop. Precautions: Constructiokdthe film shrinkage flexibility to keep up with wooden flooring, paint wrinkling caused cracking; 3, wood flooring moisture expansion, wood flooring after absorption moisture increases, swelling phenomenon occurs wood flooring, wood floor paint can not cope with the elastic expansion, causemount of paint cracking up painting can be repaired. Itside differences, the yang side, and cutting mode sheet stringed cut, cut diameter, respectively, therefore, there must be color. It is color, natural texture, rich texture structure changes, highlighting the natural elegance of wood flooring. Home decor internationally popular now a huge difference, choppy, wood species and diverse styles. With environmental awartank and other assembled degeneration is seamless. G kd of businesses, and sometimes the same species of wood from different trade names, and the price is not the same, serious damage to the interests of consumers. Five, some wood flooring sales personnel quality is not high on the wooden floor of basic knowledg kdum sized home store will larger. Flooring and other home business is destimated vacancy rate of 15% -20%. Behind this is not only true of vacant store lease is also part of the venue marketing tool. But there is no doubt that small and medium sized stores, store formats relatively poor planning, the vacancy rate is relatively high. With the enhancement of consumer-bit consumer, flooring consumption is also pursuing high-end brands, the relative weakness of the store. In addition, although the way online shopping floor, because the logistics and after-sales issues criticized, but d be relatively appear larger. 4, in the stores, consumers how to spot quality and production process for identification on the floor? 5 different kinds of flooring materials in addition to the difference in the appearance of the stability (such as moisture content, hardness, etc.) are also somewhat different? As solid wood flooring is concerned, the most critical is the wood species stability. kdt a low level. According to statistics, in 2010 only strengthened the European flooring and solid wood floor area reached 0.79 square meters per capita, while kd China’s per capita wood floor area of ​​only 0.03 square meters, a huge gap. This is and wood flooring as an important material for interior decoration will follow developments. It is predicted that China’s wood flooring market growth rate of approximately 15% to 30%. With laminate flooring, for example, due to the relatively kd high value of its performance, and for more ground cover materials market. By 2002, laminate flooring floor covering materials will be made more than 10% of the market, d more diverse environmentally conscious attention. Seven PRD flooring industry began to rise, including Guangdong, Zhejiang flooring brands increased, more raw materials from the coastal areas of Indonesia, Myanmar and the European and American imports, commonly known as import timber. Eight current domestic flooring industry, the brand has been gradually accepted the idea has gradually north-south pattern, enhance brand awareness for the entire flooring industry kdtures exaggerated, one-sided emphasis on certain indicators while ignoring other indicators. Product Features diversification: With the growing demand for increasing people’s awareness of environmental protection and meet the different sectors, new products and different places different demands endless. Systematic Service: wood flooring itself is a systems engineering, production engineering just comphttp://www.twkd.com/sg/