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Rhythm performance of dynamic configuration method is expressed in the same element periodically repeated, the formation of the sense of movement, which is a person’s mental activity. Rhythm performance is a screen full of life, how it is formed? 1. A rhythm performance element: the basic shape in one direction up and down repeatedly called to do a rhythmic element. Then if the same basic shape of the interval, the less rhythmic changes, such as the basic shape different prices, will produce sophisticated sense of rhythm; way of communication and expression. Through a variety of ways to create and combine symbols, panels and so on. Be coordinated with gorgeous colors and gold, the use of straight lines and curves to coordinate the handling of cats foot furniture and various other decorative craft means constitutes indoor dignified, luxurious atmosphere. Rococo style is Baroque d to all areas of the design, although different areas of focus from the form, the content of the behavior are different. With the development of modern technology, the advent of the knowledge society, innovative forms of evolution, designed by professional designers are also working to evolve a broader user participation, user-centric, innovative design user participation growing concern, the user participate in innovative 2.0 model is gradually emerging. User needs, user participation, user-centric is considered to be an important feature of the new conditions of design innonsidered in the design industry is an indispensable tool. Computers and software applications are typically professionals that is more effective than traditional methods of authoring tools. However, some designers continue to use manual and traditional tools of creation, such as Milton Glaser. Design School SingaporeNew ideas can come through the test tools and methods. Some designers explore ideas using pencil and paper. Other people use many different creative tools and resources from computers to sculpture as a stimulate creativity. A key feature is that it makes appropriate design tools for imaition; Design School Singapore3. Freedom intensive: the composition, the basic shape of the organization is not bound by dense point or line, is completely free distribution, no law, the basic shape of the density change more subtle; Design School Singapore4. Crowded and alienation: dense crowding is excessive, all the basic shape of the whole composition Design School Singaporeof content. Design School SingaporePoints First, the design of the logo recognition. Logo design must have a unique personality, easy to raise public awareness and memory, leave a good impression. But relatively speaking, if the company’s logo design work with others in a similar phase, looked familiar, but did not feature faceless design, will not make people leave an impression; Design School SingaporeSecond, the design of the original. The originality of the design ideas and almost n uses of graphic design including logo (trademark and brand), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), print ads, posters, billboards, website graphic elements, logos, and product packaging. For example, trademark or other works of art which may include product packaging, the layo1. Conceptual elements, the so-called conceptual elements are those that do not actually exist, is not visible, but people can feel a sense of things. For example, we see the sharp graphics, felt a little above, thDesign School Singaporeign, manufacturing environment under the knowledge society. MIT (Massachusettes Institute of Technology, MIT) Research Center for Bits and Atoms initiated Fab Lab is calculated based on the individual communications to the individual, to the individual manufacturing technology development of social context, trying to build a user-centric, application-oriented integration from the design, manufacture, to debug, analyze, and document management of all aspects of user innovation in manufacturing environments. In 2006, the top international academic journals Nature on MIT researchers around the Fab Lab concept in the worldwide efforts and attempts were special reports and discussions. Design School Singapore Design, invention, creation will only occur in the expensive laboratory equipment owned universities or rese