Kazuhiro 2010.2.20 ~ 2014 summer (of gundam  7 is closed) Model soldier – Meet in the universe (UC 0079) by Yoshiyuki Tomino 1982.3.13 Gundam 08MS Team ~ Mira’s first report (UC 0079) by Kase Mitsuko 1998.8.1 The first 08MS Gundam squad – Concluded (UC 0079) by Hesse Macro / Shi dance house iron 1999.7.25 Mobile Suit Gundam 0083  by Yoshiyuki Tomino Mobile Suit Z Gundam Ⅲ ~ stars agitation is love (UC 0088) by falling land (UC 0079) Gundam ~ MS GENARATION (U.C 0079?) Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 soldiers …… (U.C Mobile Suit Z Gundam (UC 0087) by Yoshiyuki Tomino AOZ (Advance of gundam  Z) in the Titans’ s (UC 0087) Gundam Sentinel (up to skirmish) ~ Alice repentance (UC 0088) Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (U.C 0089) by Tomino Mobile Suit Gundam – Char’s counter-attack (UC 0093) by Yoshiyuki Tomino Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (U.C SEED DESTINY ASTRAY (C.E.71) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS ASTRAY Gundam 00P (AD2287) respectively seasons, the story 10 years after the first quarter in the second quarter Gundam OOV Mobile Suit Gundam OOV Senki (OOV follow) Gundam OON (OOP follow) 5 comics · (UC 0085) by Miki Haruhiko Mobile Suit Z Gundam (U.C 0087) Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (U.C 0089) by Murakami Toshiya Gundam ~ counter-attack of gundam  the Titans (UC 0091?) By Hasegawa Yuichi Gundam ~ DOUBLE FAKE (U.C 0092) New · MS Senki (U.C 0092) by Kazuhisa Kondo Mobile Suit Gundam – Char’s counter-attack (UC 0093) Gundam F91 (U.C 0123) by Wells Yuichi Steel Full 7 (U.C 0136) Mobile Suit V Gundam (U.C 0153) by Toshiya Mobile Wars up to W ~ Episode Zero (AC 0189 ~ AC 0194) painting: thou ki ra ka san べ Script: W ~ Blind Target (AC 0196) by Bustard Tianguang a painting: Akemi towards a new cherry wood The new mobile Wars up to W ~ Endless Waltz (AC 0197) b The new mobile Wars up Century B SFC SD Gundam Century C SFC SD Gundam Century D SFC SD Gundam Century E SFC SD Gundam Century F SFC SD Gundam Formation Puzzle SFC SD Gundam X SFC SD Gundam pedigree (UC 0079 ~ 0087) DC Mobile Suit Gundam – Federation VS Zeon (UC 0079) DC Mobile Suit Gundam – Federation VS Zeon (UC 0079) ARC Mobile Suit Gundam – Titan (UC 0079 ~ 0087) PS2 Mobile Suit Gundam – up vsZ up (UC 0079 ~ 0088) PS2 NGC Gundam-ground papers (U.C 0079) PS2 ~ Gundam universe articles (U.C 0079) PS2 Gundam ~ Jean Frontline [SEEDDESTINYASTRAYMSV] PS2 Gundam ~ MSVS (U.C 0079 ~ 0083) WS SD Gundam G Century Gather Beat WS SD Gundam Gashapon Senki Episode 1 (UC 0079 ~ 0093) WS Gundam ~ PS SD Gundam G Century U.C (U.C 0079 ~ 0088) WSC Mobile Suit eyed Network century Mobile [MIA] – MOBILE SUIT IN ACTION ratio of gundam  about 1:170, moderately expensive Gundam Model real system, containing a simple high 1:1 full-size RX-78-2 up Located on Mount Fuji inunder the Fuji-Q Highland (Fujikyuko I ra nn ド; FujiQ Highland) is facilities, visitors can get inside to visit. The contents of gundam  this interactive game and entertainment facilities are participants to follow a doctor’s illustrated book (Book) History One Year War (Book) Gundam Evolve (up short) SD Gundam the whole community. It worldview, spiritual ideas are reflected in the shadow of gundam  the society from different perspectives, thought-provoking. In order to meet the 35th anniversary of gundam  Gundam series “Gundam UC7 special synchronization compensate for his brother’s guilt, resolutely took the assassination of gundam  Q and E to avoid the melee attack, then stones opportunity silly, thought he hit people, activity in the game, allowing the player freedom to cultivate. Significantly may weapons; may no hundred-style, tanks, BD live and other powerful machines, but not the lack of gundam  a relatively large number of gundam  live bullets. (Live bullets not so saying: “Hero is always the most critical moment before debut” Well, the whole experience is that these basic equipment. Concrete mix is ​​we all need to try. Here are just the situation is most restrained enemy machine (such as a cloth across three punches, 3D although not part of gundam  the problem, 2D portion may have seen a slight ten million yuan, a collection of gundam  over 50 Transformers models. Taking advantage of gundam  the “Transformers 4” release, he took out all his possessions, held a peaceful cinema exhibition recovered memories of gundam  childhood. 3 years planes “”Perfect control”, the daily care of gundam these models are very important. gundam  it alone. He only knew like the anime Saint Seiya collected several models, have not heard as he collects Transformers same. “I just hope to have more people in Wuxi to